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“93% of employees would strongly consider leaving their employer due to a culture of fear”

"If there were a greater understanding of these techniques throughout the NHS, we would see a better working relationship between teams."

Niall Ferguson, Chief Pharmacist, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals

"I have noticed a gradual change in the leadership culture; a change which acknowledges that good leadership must be earned, not just presumed."

Keith Marfleet, Imaging Services Manager

“My Doctor recommended Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). With no improvement to my health a friend recommended a Hillcroft House programme. This programme is well structured and designed so that depression can be a thing of the past.”

Sales Manager, London

"Team leaders have a sense of freedom that I have not seen before. This freedom has made them more creative and their creativeness has ensured even more success in what we do."

Ann Dring, Allied Health Professional Lead

"I would certainly recommend this coaching for Headteachers and all those with the job of managing people."

Jenny Barrett, Headteacher

"After a very difficult divorce I was advised to use the Intelligent Behaviour Analytics process. Understanding how to combine Eastern and Western philosophy to improve health and well-being transformed my life."

Company Director

"During this recession I have seen my company turnover increase by 300% year-on-year" (full interview on page 26 of our report The Good, The Bad, The Ugly).

Danny Sims, Managing Director, DJS Research Limited

"I found this to be probably the most relevant training day I have ever attended in 22 years in the healthcare and management profession.......A most valuable day! I can honestly say, that I would have been prepared to self-fund for the knowledge I received........."

Ian Stewart, Private Hospital

"My mind has been opened to new thoughts...capable of addressing challenges in a way that I had not done before"

Gerald Remy, Therapies Lead

".....the Hillcroft process is very different to the other things out there. Having gone through it I'm much stronger than before. I'm sleeping better and that’s without having any tablets.”

Company Director

"We embraced the techniques we learnt from the training, took advantage of quick gains and created a culture of success breeding success."

Jill Beech, Pathology Services Manager

"...has taught me to have tailored conversations with my staff if I need them to deliver work both on time and of the required quality. It is this approach that has led to a much happier and contented team - not to mention their manager."

Greg Keetch, Operations Manager, Milton Keynes Hospital

"The coaching made me realise my potential to succeed and win over people to accomplish tasks. It has had a deep impact on my inner state of mind and made me realise how to use my behaviour traits effectively in any situation."

Geeta Hitch, Lecturer of Pharmaceutics, University of Reading

"I sadly found myself unemployed for 9 months and although I was getting interviews, I wasn't able to secure a firm offer. After only 2 sessions I had regained my confidence sufficiently to secure 3 job offers in a fortnight"

Jo Foxcroft, Project Manager, Midlands, England

"Although I was cynical when we initially began the training, I eventually realised that my reflective ability, planning skills and attention to detail were, if used effectively, real leadership strengths."

Marea Lawford, Milton Keynes Hospital

"As the only woman in a senior management team I was at a point of feeling bullied and worthless. The skills and techniques I learnt have put me in a very strong position. The way I used to feel is very much in the past."

Manufacturing Manager, Central England

"I learnt more than I realised about myself through my coaching session.....After 5 years of looking for another position I am now in the right job, have increased my salary by over 20% and working more effectively than ever before."

Health Sector Manager, Private Sector

"Hillcroft House worked with me to prepare for challenging meetings, giving me greater insight into how others are likely to behave and providing me with strategies to employ in order to obtain desired outcomes which are agreeable to all."

Joy Davey, Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

"I feel I will now be better able to communicate with others and to make my point in a more concise way. Would highly recommend it"

Karren Buckley, Heartlands Mediation

"...has also helped me be successful in managing performance issues in a fair, decent, ethical and caring way."

Rebecca Owen, Operations Director, Asendia

"After the coaching I realised I was in the wrong job and have now moved to a better job with more money and prospects. I recovered my costs to HH within three months of moving jobs."

Estate Agent, London Area

"My stress levels had reached an extreme point and my marriage was near collapse. I attended an HH programme and the one-to-one support I received afterwards saved my relationship. I wish I had this knowledge 20 years ago."

Company Director

"The masterclass definitely gave me the necessary platform and tools to be more assertive to move towards changing the path of my career."

Naomi Eadie, Senior Paediatric Specialist Pharmacist, Great Ormond Street Hospital

"We covered areas that were not part of my MBA. I had a significant promotion in 2012 and would not have obtained my new post without the support from HH."

Financial Sector Manager, London

"Until this seminar, no-one had given me the answers. The big learning point was 'how' I could grow. I was encouraged and given solutions. This was much more dynamic than anything I had experienced before."

Doctor, NHS

"Your insightful training that I attended has continued to benefit me personally and professionally. I would definitely recommend this program for everyone!"

Lisa M.Wilber, Avon Senior Executive Unit Leader, New Hampshire, USA

"Following my sessions I gained a valuable and prestigious scholarship from one of the London Inns of Court. My sessions allowed me better to appraise what hadn't worked and why, building confidence and experience for future interviews."

Lawyer, London

“I use to think the stuff HH talked about was all mumbo jumbo, until I really took time to understand it. Since I started applying the techniques I learnt I've never looked back. I've increased my earning power but I'm really annoyed that I didn't get this level of training during my MBA.”

Information Technology Manager, Public Sector

Little is certain in this life. The work of Hillcroft House is about developing probabilities in a range of situations. It is based on an understanding of behaviour, how people learn and communicate and our knowledge of key events in their lives.